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Friday, October 23, 2015

More than awesome part 1

This is how I'd describe my life right now: more than awesome. The past few weeks have been crazy, so many great things have happened.

Let's start with the first one: I graduated! I am now a Bachelors (even though I don't really care because my Master's classes started this week so it really doesn't make a difference).
For my project, I had chosen to do the translation and subtitling of my favorite TV series, Push Girls. The professor liked my idea and I managed to get it done in time for October's graduation session. On the week of my dissertation, a good friend of mine came from Florence and she spent a few days at my place so that she could be there on that day. She is pregnant with her first child (a baby girl!) and I loved spending some time with her and getting to feel the baby moving in her belly.
On the day of the dissertation, my best friend came to my house early so that she could do my hair. We wanted to try a pretty complicated hairstyle and it took forever to get it done, but I like how it turned out. I am very lucky to have my own personal hairstylist! 

The dissertation in itself was not bad, but I had to wait for over two hours until it was my turn. When I got in, I started talking and then I wanted to show a clip from the subtitled episode. I had gone to University the week before just to try the video: everything had worked fine. What we didn't know was that the computer was going to be the same, but they moved it to a different room and they forgot to move the speakers, so my video was mute. Somehow I managed to go on and my final grade was the top grade, so everyone was happy. Later that day, I spent some time with a few friends and my family and we celebrated together.

When I sent a picture of my graduation to my friends in Germany, they asked why I have "a tree" on my head. It is a tradition in Italy. When you graduate University you wear that crown instead of gowns and caps. The laurel wreath was common among poets in the past, now it represents culture and graduation.

The true highlight of the month was my week in Germany, but it definitely deserves a post of its own, so stay tuned! I'll be posting about it soon.