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Thursday, March 19, 2015

The power of a smile

This morning I woke up and started translating a text for tomorrow, then I ate lunch and started getting ready to leave. I had to attend a meeting at my physical therapy centre, so I reharsed a few sentences in my mind and got into the "Fight for your right and you will get what you want" disability advocate mode and I got in the car. Little did I know that I would be feeling so happy afterwards.
When I got there, my friend was waiting for me, ready to fight. I sat there and listened to the doctor. Then I said what I had to say and probably got what I wanted.
At some point, I looked at all the special needs moms sitting behind me and I spotted her, my favorite kid's mom. She saw me and walked up to me, she was happy to see me and said she'd go get her little girl. I hadn't seen them in about six months. I met them before I left for Germany, but not afterwards.
A few minutes later, my girl rolled into the room on her purple wheelchair. When she saw me, her smile lit up the whole room. We were so happy to finally meet again. She held my hand as I caressed her neck and played with her hair. She'd occasionally squeal with joy. Everyone was looking at us, the doctor was still speaking. We didn't care.
She showed me how she learned to use her left hand to push her chair a little bit, and she told me she is getting a new chair. We talked about our favorite TV show. She made me happy. Whenever I am around that adorable 6-year-old, I smile. She has the power to brighten my day.
When she struggles to open her right hand to caress mine, I think that's what love is about.
I love her from the bottom of my heart, and she loves me back.

Thank you for making my day, I love you baby.

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