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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Unlucky song

Tonight's post is about a serious matter.
A few weeks ago I came across this song on Youtube and, as I listened to it, it made me really upset.
Let me tell you why:
This song is about Aden, a child with Cerebral Palsy, he is referred to as "unlucky". How does his disability make him unlucky? You can't assume this kid is unlucky just because there are some things he can't do. This is the title of the song, the main focus of the whole song is to show how "miserable" his life is.

Here are some of the most insulting and judgemental lyrics in my opinion;

"Can I ask you why you love me?" "Thank you for giving so much love to me" A kid - with or without a disability - should NEVER have to ask his parents why they love him. That's just what parents do, they love their children. This is normal, they are not doing him a favor by loving him. The fact that he has a disability does not mean he shouldn't be loved as much as any other kid.

"I'll never speak to you/walk with you..." Why focus on what he can't do instead of what he can do? I am sure he has many abilities and he deserves the world to see how able he is. CP may have taken his ability to walk and talk, but it has blessed him with a beautiful smile and made him able to appreciate the little things in life, why does no one see this part of him?

"...someday they will look at me and say we've come to set you free" Free from what? From the wheelchair? From his "miserable" life? A kid can be free on a chair, his wheels are his freedom, and he can have a life just as happy as anyone else. The only problem here is the way the society sees him, as unlucky and unable to live a fulfilling life. Society makes him unlucky, not cerebral palsy.

"but until that day, all that you can do is look at my eyes and see my dreams" What about interacting with him, playing with him and trying to see the kid and not just his disability?

I find this song disgusting because a kid with a disability is seen as a burden, as a worthless human being, but it is a wrong message! No song should carry such an insulting message, it's already hard enough for disabled kids to understand how awesome they are, they don't need society to let them down. I know this probably wasn't the singer's intention, but this is the message we get from this song, and it is very wrong and dangerous.
The society's perception of people with disabilities needs to be changed as soon as possible.


  1. The kid in the video looks happy. I don't consider him unlucky.

  2. Someone replied to my comment on the YouTube video saying they actually wanted to show that he is lucky but I don't think it's true. They clearly talk about him being unlucky and say stupid things like 'can I ask you why you love me?'. I don't think I am going to reply because they just don't get it and I get really upset when I read that stuff but I hope other people will support my point of view. Also the facts at the end of the video are not accurate.


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